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“Live with PURPOSE on PURPOSE!

Keith MartinPastor, Author, Content Creator, Public Speaker, & Entrepreneur

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Pastor Keith Martin, Jr. is committed to equipping the Body of Christ and doing the work of the ministry. The Lord has entrusted him with many gifts, talents, and creativity. 

Pastor Martin is a native of Detroit, Michigan. He studied at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, and All Saints Bible College in Memphis, Tennessee; where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies. Pastor Martin has also received certifications and awards in the areas of IT, design, media, marketing, entrepreneurship, and most of all, honors in biblical studies. He is currently working towards a Master’s Degree.

Pastor Martin is a fourth-generation preacher, who truly has a heritage among those who are sanctified. Pastor Martin sat at the feet of his late grandfather, Superintendent John R. Gaudy who taught him the importance of living a holy and sanctified lifestyle. His grandfather (along with the saints) saw the Hand of God on his life as a little boy and continued to speak over his life. After years of running and wrestling with the call on his life, Pastor Martin fully committed to the will of God at the age of 21 and was filled with the Holy Ghost. At the age of 22, Pastor Martin was called into the ministry. Pastor Martin was ordained as an Elder in the church at the age of 30 by Bishop John H. Sheard. Pastor Martin has served in various leadership roles in the church under the leadership of Superintendent Daniel R. Grandberry, who further developed him as a leader in the Lord’s church until God called him out to found Revival Church of God in Christ in Detroit, Michigan, the church with a global reach.

Pastor Martin has a passion for winning souls, outreach, and urban evangelism. God has blessed, gifted, and anointed Pastor Martin to be an effective communicator of God’s Word, a theologian, an evangelist, and a prayer intercessor. Pastor Martin has been blessed to use his gifts to equip and enhance individuals in ministry, media, and the marketplace. Pastor Martin is the host of the “Be Revived” podcast show; which is gaining a national audience on multiple media platforms. He is a published author and has written his first book “The GOOD MAN CHALLENGE. 

Pastor Keith Martin is married to an anointed and gifted wife, Sharon, and has two multi-talented sons, Solomon and Zechariah.





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